Strategic Business Groups


Based on the strategy established for 2021, we have the commitment of reviewing market opportunities that are aligned with the Group’s objectives and the new guidelines.

(102-2) (102-4) (102-7) In 2020, we bet on the growth of the generation sector by optimizing management of the Group’s investment portfolio. Despite the situation produced by the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on different economic sectors, we obtained outstanding results, thanks to the management we have been carrying out in recent years. In Colombia, our strategy focused on the growth of Emgesa, through which we expect to make investments of this type to assure its growth and consolidation. It is one of the country’s most important electric energy generation companies, and its major assets include the hydroelectric plants of Guavio (Cundinamarca) and Quimbo (Huila), and the Betania dam.

Air shot of the Guavio reservoir between the mountains, in Cundinamarca.

Guavio Dam in Cundinamarca

Our achievements in 2020

  • Emgesa remained the second largest generator in Colombia, with 20 % of the National Interconnected System (SIN), equivalent to 14,009 gigawatts/year

  • Emgesa continues to be a leader in Colombia’s generation market, with a net installed capacity of 3,506 megawatts (MW), of which 3,097 MW (88 %) are generated by its hydroelectric plants and 409 MW (12 %) by thermoelectric plants.

Our challenges for 2021

  • Following approval of the 2021 strategy defined by Grupo Enel for its subsidiaries, we will work on three key focus areas:

  • Digitalization
    We will work on consolidating and using information systems and digital tools to improve the efficiency of the processes and to make progress in the integration of robot-based solutions for the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric and thermoelectric power stations.
    Operating efficiency
    We will work on achieving greater efficiency in the processes through the optimization of investments, asset management and the launch of new maintenance strategies.
    We are a great place to work
    We will upgrade the plants’ technical standards that allow us to combat technical obsolescence, leveraged by information technology, the development of a remote operation arrangement for the power plants and the Telecontrol project of the Bogotá River chain, comprised by the power plants at Paraíso, Guaca, Charquito, Tequendama, Salto II, Limonar, Laguneta and Darío Valencia.