Responsible Management in the Face of COVID-19

Responsible Management in the Face of COVID-19

A new reality affected our pace in 2020

(103-1) The year 2020 will definitely go down in history for everything it represented. We had to reinvent ourselves and look at new priorities and needs, and to prepare to adequately deal with uncertainty, limited mobility and, especially, care for and protect the health of our employees, families and partners.

A top priority was to design and implement strategies to face the challenges related to COVID-19. Their success ensured the continuity of our business, the care for our employees and the support for our stakeholders.

Based on the strength of our corporate governance, which enables us to make good decisions in a timely manner, we designed and implemented the Atención COVID-19 (COVID-19 Assistance) strategic project, always aligned with our cultural attribute of Life Comes First. This led us to transform the way we work, with almost 85 % of our employees working at home, with the full support of technological tools. We were there to help them overcome their fears and concerns and to prevent any effects on their physical and emotional health.

We also transformed the way we relate with our stakeholders, especially with the communities in the territories, who at the height of the pandemic needed our presence. We were there with them.

We Reach Out Where the Communities Need Us
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