Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

We lead more actions aimed at protecting the environment

Two red-haired monkeys climbing on a branch.

Howler monkeys of the Barbas-Bremen Land Conservation District in Quindío

(103-1) Our Sustainability Model is founded on our commitment as a Group to contribute to progress, well-being and long-term profitability through environmental management and the development of actions to adapt to and mitigate climate change, and to preserve and recover biodiversity.

Aware of the importance of this environmental commitment, we endeavor to identify the impacts produced by the construction and operating activities of our projects, and we implement strategies for the prevention, mitigation, correction or offsetting of such impacts.

We also link and apply the Sustainability Policy in scenarios of mandatory environmental compliance, as well as scenarios of R+D+I, and voluntary investments aimed at promoting the sustainable management of the territories where we develop our projects.

We responsibly comply with regulations and we frame our guidelines in international standards and agreements that reflect the best practices adopted by the global community, such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the SDGs and the World Compact principles, among others. Our overall framework also includes the environmental and sustainability commitments acquired by the countries in which we operate.

We seek to have a strategy that will be transcendental, such as Connecting Territories under the Green Corridors model, that will help us continue to protect wildlife species in Colombia.