Progress and Shared Value

Progress and Shared Value

Creating value for the communities is our fundamental purpose

Two women smiling on a riverbank.

Wayú community in La Guajira

(103-1) Our understanding of sustainability, in line with global trends, is based on the understanding that only genuine relationships enable strengthening ties, holding dialogs, finding solutions when differences arise, and contributing the best each can offer for the well-being of others. With our employees and their families, partners and stakeholders, we identify the impacts we may produce, design preventive, mitigation and offsetting measures, and create shared value.

In each of our daily activities, and in a cross-cutting manner, at Grupo Energía Bogotá, we identify and get to know the various actors that interact in our environments. We contact them and work on the construction and development of strategies that contribute to their progress and the creation of value.

We have developed a harmonious relationship with our stakeholders. This fills us with price and enables us to develop programs in a participative manner that will benefit and improve their life quality.

In 2020, our management was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This unexpected event interrupted our normality and routines and produced fear and uncertainty. However, we understood that at this time, more than ever, we need to build closer ties with the communities and bring them messages of hope and confidence, demonstrating that our projects are safe and important for promoting the development of the territories.

We also provided humanitarian assistance to the families of the communities in our areas of influence, offered timely and accurate information about our activities, contacted their leaders, mayors and governors to assist them and abide by their recommendations.

Through all these activities, we materialized our motto that mejoramos vidas con energía sostenible y competitiva. (We improve lives through sustainable and competitive energy).