We contribute to the sustainable development of the territories

At Grupo Energía Bogotá, we are committed to ensuring that all our operations are included in a framework of sustainability, while at the same time seeking the creation of value for our shareholders, the well-being of the communities and employees, and the improvement of the environment in the territories where our companies are present.
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Sustainability guides our actions and enables us to ensure that our operations have a positive impact on the environment and that they create shared value. In this way, through our projects, we promote positive transformations in the territories and contribute to the dignified development of their communities.

Sustainability is part of our DNA and one of the fundamental focus areas of our strategy. This focus area is upheld by our vocation of service to society, integrity, transparency and the creation of shared value. Sustainability is also an enabler for the purpose of our organization: “Improve lives through sustainable and competitive energy”.

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Our policy

Our Sustainability Policy establishes the commitments we have adopted for developing operations with excellence by creating value, in the framework of respect for human rights, the Sustainable Development Goals and the trust of our stakeholders.

In order to implement this policy in a cross-sectional manner, we developed a Sustainability Model based on six strategic lines that guide our social, environmental and governance management:

  • Cultural transformation: We promote occupational safety, health and well-being as a top priority in carrying out our business and in everyday actions.

  • Connections of progress: We turn energy into an enabler of progress for the communities in the territories where we operate.

  • Promotion of the regulatory agenda: We favor a regulatory agenda that promotes progress in the energy industry, the energy transition and the common good of the stakeholders in the markets we develop, beyond the particular interests of our businesses.

  • Promotion of energy efficiency: We act as integrators for different organizations and educational institutions to develop joint actions aimed at promoting the adoption of low-emission energy sources.

  • Transforming territories: We implement actions focused on progress and shared value to transform the territories where we operate.

  • Climate resilience: We promote business opportunities taking into consideration their environmental and social challenges in their design.

circular chart: Round chart illustrating the company’s sustainability operations cycle.

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Our sustainability management is guided by the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the ten Principles of the Global Compact, the regulations of the countries where we operate, and the international guidelines and agreements on human rights, climate change, biodiversity and sustainability.

We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights. At each of our companies, we aim for our social management, community relations and operations to be aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and ILO Convention 169 of 1989, among others.

Vision of the future

For GEB, sustainability is a fundamental pillar for its growth. It ensures the viability of our projects and operations and enables us to bring progress to the areas where we operate. In order to strengthen our performance and consolidate our relations with our stakeholders, in 2021, we redefined GEB’s sustainability strategy by means of an initiative aimed at building jointly with all Group employees our understanding and vision of sustainability for the future.

One of the big challenges we have for 2021 is to strengthen our sustainability strategy by creating and adopting Climate Change and Human Rights policies, and establishing the criteria for corporate action required to continue to develop a socially responsible operation and to position our Group as a leading organization in the countries where we operate.

We will continue leading the process of energy transformation in the region to contribute to the global and national climate change goals, and to contribute to the consolidation of sustainable and smart cities, to electric mobility and the de-carbonization of the economy.

Lastly, and equally important, are the new challenges and realities brought about by COVID-19. As a Group, we will continue to innovate and contribute to the promotion of progress in the communities. We are committed to genuine relations and with the creation of opportunities for well-being and development for all.

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Ethnic community in the area of influence of the Armenia Project