We prioritize life quality

We create opportunities for engagement and dialog to consolidate programs that promote, motivate and build loyalty among our employees, and we ensure their training and growth.

Why is it important?


We know that a good workplace environment promotes work with greater passion and commitment to the fulfillment of organizational objectives. For this reason, in 2017, we launched an ambitious action plan, the outcome of which was a very outstanding rating by Great Place to Work at the end of 2020.

The 91 % of our employees rated GEB as a friendly place to work in the latest Workplace Environment survey.

We are on the right track, but we are aware that we have a long way to go to achieve excellence. At GEB and our companies, we express our interest in strengthening the life quality of our employees and their families. And they have perceived it. In the Workplace Environment survey made in December 2020, Grupo Energía Bogotá was rated as a friendly place to work (by 91 % of respondents) and that encourages them to balance work and personal life (88 % of respondents). To the question of how we address the current COVID-19 situation, they assigned very high scores to the item “The organization demonstrates its interest in us as people.”

Also, by developing its human talent, the Group is able to focus its efforts on the specific skills and knowledge that the teams and individuals require to meet the challenges and goals established by the corporate strategy.

How we manage it


Once we identified the objectives of improving the Company’s reputation and consolidating the Leadership Plan based on the organization’s cultural attributes, values and competencies set out in the Corporate Strategic Plan, we aligned our workplace environment, internal communications, well-being and diversity and inclusion strategies.

To this end, during the year we held focus group meetings in specific areas, with primary monitoring committees in the corresponding areas and teams in our regions, which have structured the needs of the areas in which human talent should strengthen its management.

We also manage our work fronts based on the Great Place to Work model, which sets the framework of action for our Company in the following dimensions:

We create strategic two-way communications channels between our leaders and their teams. We also focus efforts on remote team management due to the pandemic.
We strengthened the training plan through the GEB Academy, which improved employee perceptions in this aspect (from high to very high rating).
We highlight the achievements of our employees in a fair an ongoing manner, which is a challenge for our Workplace Environment Plan that we will continue strengthening in 2021 as one of our cross-cutting priorities.
Sense of teamwork:
The organization’s Senior Management creates communication channels to transmit a shared vision, a sense of family and of closeness with the corporate strategy.

We facilitate linkages between the corporate strategy and the objectives of our Company’s processes and, in turn, with their contribution to individual performance by promoting spaces to periodically follow up and provide feedback, aimed at ensuring fulfillment and traceability of the established goals.

Our achievements in 2020


We surpassed the target of 79 we had set for the 2020 GPTW Workplace Environment Survey, achieving a rating of 86.3 by our employees in the dimensions of respect, fairness, credibility, pride and camaraderie.

  • We carried out an organizational diagnosis to establish the Group’s baseline and to develop and implement a broad action plan involving eight dimensions: recruitment and selection; training; compensation and salaries; promotion and development; workplace environment; non-sexist communications; sexual and workplace harassment; and balancing work, personal and family life.

  • We received the Great Place to Work certification for having reached a very outstanding workplace environment rating compared to other companies in the industry, which puts Grupo Energía Bogotá (corporate) in 15th place in the ranking of the best places to work in Colombia.

(Own) Employee commitment in 2020
Measurement GEB TGI Cálidda Contugas Trecsa
Employee commitment Corporate 83.4
Transmission 87.7
very outstanding)
85.5 (very outstanding) 87.7 (outstanding) 78.2 (very satisfactory) 77.4
  • Our reputation increased favorably by scaling 28 positions (from 88 to 60) in the Merco Talent ranking, which reflects the high level of talent retention and attraction.

  • We develop internal communications events led by the Company’s CEO aimed at engaging our employees and their families in the Company’s strategy and to transmit messages of assistance for the times we are facing due to the pandemic. Some of the main initiatives include:

    1. In tune with Juan Ricardo. A communications event in which we highlight the main messages from the CEO that are of vital importance for the employees regarding business strategy and topics.

    2. GEB Despierta (GEB Wake Up) (three transmissions for all Group companies and their families). Virtual event in a talk-show format created for employees and their families, during which our CEO also transmits messages that reflect the importance that the family group has for our organization.

    3. These events, in addition to the webinars (with updates on the global pandemic) have reached all Group companies, with over 1,000 viewers and views.

  • Our leaders were protagonists in positioning a cascade-style communications strategy, which enabled transmitting to their areas the main corporate messages, to keep them updated and generate leader-team conversations. The cascading communications arrangement was materialized through Lider@Net, a weekly information tool that helps leaders highlight in their primary committees the main topics on the corporate agenda (more than 30 bulletins have been issued to date).

  • We deployed a psychological assistance plan and generated actions to mitigate possible negative effects. We also worked on adapting workstations at home and surrounding areas.

  • Our Workplace Environment Plan achieved early victories regarding teamwork, camaraderie, hospitality and credibility; remote work was no obstacle to demonstrate to the stakeholders that they are the organization’s priority. In 2020, we highlight fulfillment of the corporate well-being and life quality agenda, even under remote conditions:

    1. Recreational vacations workshops involving sending out kits to integrate handicrafts and virtual activities, and celebration of special dates with serenades sung by employees on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Women’s Day.

    2. The on-line bingos had the expected attendance and were highly recreational. The challenge of remaining close to our families and employees was overcome with the team created to permanently communicate with each individual to inquire about their health and how they were coping with the situation.

    3. Also, sending out tools to employees at home, such as task timetables, was instrumental in overcoming the challenges involved in work from home (which impacted over 600 employees).

  • We evolved in our Model of Corporate Competencies by linking them to the cultural attributes that characterize GEB.

  • (404-1) We strengthened the GEB Academy as facilitator for talent development and the Group’s cultural and digital transformation through training and educational programs for the various stakeholders. Some of the new on-line courses we implemented in 2020 include Ethics and Compliance, Control Architecture, Workplace and Sexual Harassment, and Information Security, among others. We developed the Academy website as a digital channel to make relevant knowledge available to our employees, especially during the pandemic. We devoted 13,162 hours to train 94% of our employees.

  • We use the Ubits technological platform and we increased offerings of courses of interest for employees, with updated topics that promote learning and assistance throughout the pandemic.

  • We promoted the use of technological tools among employees that support development, training and performance processes, such as the use and management of the SAP Success Factor platform.

  • (404-3) We created spaces for engagement and alignment of the corporate development and performance processes with the affiliates.

GEB performance assessment table
Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews, broken down by gender and professional category %
Percentage of employees assessed: Senior Management 95%
Percentage of employees assessed: Middle Management 97%
Percentage of employees assessed: Advisors 99%
Percentage of employees assessed: Professionals 99%
Percentage of employees assessed: Support/assistance 92%
Percentage of total employees assessed 98%
  • (401-2) Our employees enjoy benefits that promote their well-being and life balance. These benefits include: life insurance, medical insurance, accident insurance, wedding subsidy, flexible work hours, results-based bonuses. Over 90 % of the Group’s employees have access to these types of benefits.

  • (401-3) We achieved a total retention of Group employees who made use of their maternity leaves and returned to work.


  • We developed technical skills through the Annual Training Plan to strengthen the continuity of the business and the operation.

  • We defined the methodology to launch the Succession Plan, through which we will identify the critical positions for fulfillment of the strategy and the sustainability of the business, and at the same time the talent and possible successors for these strategic positions, with the aim of educating and training them in the short, medium and long term.

  • We included the Leadership Plan to identify the competencies and potential based on the required profiles, in accordance with our Company’s strategic goals and objectives.

At Cálidda

  • We created the Salary Management Committee.

  • We developed innovative and digital strategies of well-being to address the new needs of our employees and remain close to them despite the physical distance.

At Contugas

  • We innovated and adapted our employee well-being programs to the lock-down and remote work conditions.

  • We implemented control measures to respect the maximum allowed work hours.

At Trecsa

  • We developed workplace environment strategies; we systematized the performance management and payroll processes, and designed a methodology for talent mapping.

Our challenges for 2021

We have set the challenge of becoming one of the 10 best companies to work for in Colombia in the short term.

  • Monitor life quality management in terms of ensuring that our organization maintains outstanding workplace environment practices and habits.

  • Identify, assess and map out potential talent that enables making a timely contribution to fulfillment of the corporate strategy.

  • Strengthen the GEB Academy as facilitator for talent development and the Group’s cultural and digital transformation, with on-line training programs that address the specific needs of the businesses and processes.

  • Strengthen and consolidate our Academy website, creating exclusive spaces for our affiliates.

  • Consolidate our performance management and productivity measurement culture in a manner that promotes spaces for conversation and feedback in remote working.

  • Consolidate the Group’s talent development process with impact on the performance of its people and, consequently, of the business.

  • Make use of and implement technology tools that support development, training and performance processes and strengthen leadership skills, as well as VUCA competencies (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity).

  • Increase the level of maturity of change management capabilities.